We want to thank all of you who responded with donations so that we could continue to feed our "kids" a good quality dog food. Your continuing support means a lot to all of us and allows us to take the very best care of the Pei while they are with us.

We wanted to let everyone know that Cinnamon has completed her heartworm treatment and has now been spayed and had entropion surgery. There is no lasting effect from heartworm disease as long as it has been treated. We did notice a slight limp when Cinnamon would go for walks here so we had some xrays done while she was put under for her surgeries. It turns out that although only about three years old, Cinnamon already has arthritis in both elbows. This does not mean she can't go for walks, but it does mean that running and hiking are out for her. Cinnamon is such a gentle spirit and very loving. She is happy just chewing on a bone which she is also very willing to share with you. Sometimes it looks like a cigar hanging out of her mouth! We just wanted to let you know Cinnamon is ready to find her forever home. She is going to make someone very happy.

We're all looking forward to fall with its cooler weather and changing colors!

Anna and Rich