We just want everyone to know that one of our "kids" is in a nationally running commercial right now. Her name was Emma while she resided in Redding, but it has been changed to Chin Chin. She came from Southern CA where her owner had become homeless, and her temporary care giver could no longer keep her. While in Redding, she was spayed and had eye surgery done and then was adopted by Neda in the LA area.

We are so proud of "Chinny" and grateful to Neda for giving her the socialization she needed to be in this commercial, and to do a great job around complete strangers. The folks in the commercial were amazed Chinny is not a "working girl". The next chapter in her life is to become a therapy dog-it should be a breeze for Chinny!

Not only is Chinny a great ambassador for this breed, she is helping to get the message out that "rescue" dogs can do anything any other dog can do-only better!

Here is the link to her commercial: http://www.ispot.tv/ad/7bJA/pepcid-complete-the-burns-family-bbq-featuring-richard-riehle