Greetings from a very hot Redding, CA. We are in the midst of fire season, and right now, have fires burning in several locations around us.

Back in 1999, we were evacuated due to fire. Fortunately, we only had 11 dogs at the time, and were able to get them all out safely. We were very lucky. Last week, with flames just a few miles away, the rescue was put on evacuation alert. We stayed safe, but were acutely reminded that—with 25 dogs to save—we must be prepared if an actual evacuation were to happen again.

The photos you see are of a trailer that is filled with enough crates to get every dog out of danger safely. The trailer was made possible by a generous previous adopter who understands the seriousness of a possible evacuation. In order to make the trailer roadworthy, however, we need to invest in six new tires and replace the air conditioning unit. The total estimated repairs are $2,000. And, of course, we must keep the trailer insured and registered.

We are asking for your donations toward these repairs, to make sure we can put an evacuation plan in place. This is a small price to pay to guarantee no dog gets left behind.

We hope the trailer never needs to leave our property, but if it does, a friend and fellow animal rescuer here in Redding has very generously offered to let us “shelter” at her property, if ours is in danger. This means we would have food, water and a large, safe yard for all of our "kids".

We want the best for every dog in our care, and your donations will help us ensure we can ALWAYS provide them with the best—even if they have to leave "home".

Support our “evacuation plan” through our online fundraising campaign at: