Let my start by saying "Merry Christmas"!

My name is Charly, and I guess you can tell from this photo that I found out the hard way that I am no match for a car. I was found by my guardian angel, Mary, limping on three legs with blood coming from my mouth. Mary was on her way home from church and realized my plight. She stopped her car and helped me in and took me straight to a vet. The vet determined that my left leg was badly broken and needed to be "pinned" in order for it to heal properly. That surgery needed to be done immediately. My jaw is also broken, but we are going to try and let that heal on it's own with a diet of only soft food. You all know how much we dogs like wet food so I guess that's the upside to tangling with a car. I'm trying to stay positive.

This rescue has paid $1,000 because I needed immediate attention but now needs your help so there will be money to take care of the next dog who may need immediate care. I will also need additional xrays and surgeries once I get to Redding as well as lots of TLC. I am asking you for help so that I can get well and be a "whole" dog again and find a wonderful new home.

I am told this rescue has never turned down a dog due to medical needs and the costs associated with those needs. I know this to be true because they did not turn me down when I needed help the most. I am also told that there are other "kids" in Redding, and we all need food, vet visits, and sometimes long term medications. I am asking on behalf of all of us for a little Christmas "cheer" which I hope will translate into a donation to help take care of us. No amount is too small, or too large, for that matter! Just know that 100% of what you give is put towards our care. This is a 100% voluntary organization. Another benefit, whatever you donate is tax deductible. So, if you are looking for that end of the year tax deduction, now would be a good time to help us out.

Thanks from all of us for your support.