Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you from all of us up here in Redding. My name is Abbie, and it seems that I have been appointed to speak on behalf of all of us in regards to a sweatshirt fundraiser that is running right now to generate funds that will benefit us. We have seen the sweatshirt and would agree that it really doesn’t make a fashion statement. We also know most of you reading this probably have a four legged friend to walk, and we think this sweatshirt could be put to great use on those walks. Maybe you just want to wear this while lounging around the house and spending time with your furry friends. Perhaps the shirt could be for a friend and/or Valentine-even one who does not have a Shar Pei to love, but I’m pretty sure we could make that happen for them!

We realize the our 50 shirt goal may be a little unrealistic, but we need to sell quite a few more shirts before they can even be printed and at that we would just break even. Please consider helping us out by purchasing a sweatshirt. Winter is not over yet, and we want to make sure you stay warm, and at the same time support a very worthy cause-that cause would be us, and we are worthy!

Although we won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day with our forever families, we all have each other up here. Most of us are lucky to be celebrating at all and are thankful to be here. As for me, I have been here for eight years now and will spend the rest of my life here. Please don’t be sad for me because I am thankful to be here. When I got here, my spirit was broken, and I lashed out by trying to bite. I still have my demons, and I just can’t get over what happened to me in an earlier life, but I have a good life here. My foster parents love me and spend time with me which is what we all really want and they make sure all my medical needs are taken care of. The food is really good too, and I wear it well! I will try and post an updated photo soon-I am still a pretty girl!

Wear your support by purchasing a California Shar-Pei Rescue sweatshirt. Only $35 and all proceeds go directly to the dogs in our care. Available in adult, plus, and children's sizes.

Purchase online at http://bit.ly/1yRbLI4.

Thanks to all of you for your continuing support in so many ways.