Greetings everyone. Before I tell you my story, my foster mom here in Redding wanted me to let you all know that she is sorry for not being in touch for so long. She and my foster dad had some matters that needed attention. Those matters have now been taken care of, and things are getting back to normal.

I will tell you about myself to see if you might be a good fit for me. I am about seven years old now and very healthy. I guess I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I do love my food! I love humans, but I would prefer to be an only dog. I am good natured and loving, and I really like to play with my toys. I know I can make you laugh, and with the world as it is, we can all use a good laugh. If you have room in your heart and home for me, please get in touch with my foster parents here in Redding. Nothing would make me happier than to let my “mom” know that I am once again being spoiled in a loving home. I am sure it would help put her mind as ease as I am her only “family”.

Now for my story. I have been in this rescue once already. I was placed in a home about six years ago with a wonderful couple who loved me dearly. They spent all of their time with me, and I was very spoiled by them. They had Shar Pei before, but they said I was the funniest one they had ever had, and I kept them laughing. About two years ago my “dad” was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and all of our lives changed forever. There were many new people in and out of our house, and my “mom” had to spend a lot of time with Smitty at his medical appointments. Unfortunately, Smitty died last year, and our lives were turned upside down again. The house we had lived in had to be sold, and we moved into an apartment. I really didn’t mind as long as I could be with my mom. That went well for a time, and then we had to find a place that was not quite so expensive. Throughout these moves, my mom always found a place where I could go with her-I loved her even more for that because she loved me so much.

Throughout all these changes, I was always a good girl and grateful for the home I had. I tried to let my mom know how much I loved her, but I guess it just wasn’t enough, and she seems to have given up the will to live without her Smitty. She is now in an assisted living facility, and although I could live there with her, she is not physically able to care for me. The only photo she keeps by her bed is of me, so I know how hard it was for her to call my foster parents to see if they would take me back and try to find me a new home where I could once again be loved and cared for. Sometimes bad things really do happen to good people and good dogs.