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Rain Rain Go Away!

Hi everyone,

The storm has hit Redding pretty hard. Anna and Rich have been without power or heat since the storm started. They managed to get out to Costco and purchase a generator to keep the dogs warm in the kennel. They were lucky, only four generators were available.

Until the power is restored (and PG&E hasn't even been out there yet), they won't be able to respond to emails or applications. If you wish to make a donation to help with the cost of the generator and fuel, we would be very grateful.

What a way to start the New Year! Be careful out there!

Agnes Has A Home For The Holidays

Agnes is recovering nicely from her surgery. She is still slow and stiff, but making good progress for a lady of advanced years. She will be going to live with one of our best volunteers.

Merrian Black has been with Shar Pei Rescue since its inception. She lives, with her husband, in a pretty rural area. They don't have internet or cellphone access (how cool is that?!) She usually takes the dogs that have little or no chance of adoption. Typically they are special needs dogs. Merrian cooks special foods for each dog and provides them with much needed love and care. Sadly, her dog Toni passed away suddenly this week. Toni was quite old, but seemed healthy. She went in her sleep and that was a blessing.

Agnes will spend the rest of her days snoozing by Merrian's always blazing woodstove. I will miss her but if I were a dog that's the place I'd like to be. Thank you Merrian for being you!

Update on Agnes

Agnes had surgery to repair a significant hernia that she arrived with. Fortunately, we have an excellent surgeon (Thanks Dr. Larry!) and she is now resting comfortably. The surgery was rather unexpected, so we could certainly use any donations to help cover the expense.

We thank you and Agnes thanks you. Merry Christmas!

Meet Agnes, A Little Old Lady From Pasadena

Tomorrow, Agnes is getting out of the Pasadena Humane Society and heading north to Traci's Pei Palace. Here is the story that caught our attention:

Meet Agnes, an old fashioned dearie of a Shar Pei, who is bewildered to find herself at the Pasadena Humane Society this holiday season.

This timid but companionable little soul is from another era, and doesn't know what to make of her current lodgings. She stays out of the melee at the shelter, preferring to snooze in the heated back area of her kennel. She has impeccable manners, and politely gets up to greet visitors to her kennel. But she's shy and moves slowly -- in today's modern fast-paced shelter environment, this means her human visitors have often already moved on by the time she approaches the front of her kennel. We're worried about dear Agnes, because with her civilized ways she's not getting enough public attention at the shelter, and has been there almost a month.

Agnes arrived at the PHS as a stray, having lived for a short but difficult time on the streets. This poor dearie was not accustomed to street life, and managed to pick up biting flies and all manner of mud and filth. But she's a tough little girl, and incredibly she has no obvious injuries or illnesses, other than some age-related stiffness. She confided in me that the shelter vet staff was very kind, and coddled her a bit and cleaned her up, but she'd really like one more bath and a nice grooming to bring her back up to her immaculate former standards.

Agnes is friendly, shy, extremely gentle, curious, adorable, and very quiet. I've never heard her bark, but she occasionally likes to indulge her very cute hobby of singing along with fire-truck sirens. It's rare, and she sings very soft and low (I'd say alto), but she really seems to enjoy herself. See if you can catch her at it!

I spent some time visiting with Agnes in her kennel Friday, and found her to be a surprisingly companionable little cutie. She is friendly but reserved, warms up quickly, and likes to be with people. We played a little game where I'd call to her, she'd toddle over to me, look up at my face, and then toddle off again. After a couple times, she'd give me a little kiss on my chin before toddling away. After a few more times, she decided to curl up next to me, and I gave her some pets while we watched the world go by.

Agnes needs nothing more than a kind person and a cozy home to live out the rest of her years. She is cute, funny and companionable, and very easy to fall in love with. There's definitely a person out there for Agnes, the only question is will they find her in time. The shelter has unfortunately filled up again, and will remain full through the holiday season. This dear little old lady has very very limited time to find a new home.

I'm happy to say that her time is no longer limited. Agnes will get a chance to chill out as long as she wants at my house. It seems to have been raining senior Pei lately, but I'm a sucker for the oldies.

More about Agnes later. Merry Christmas!


I just want to share my sad story with all of you. It would be sad anytime, but it is especially so during this season. My previous guardian, Paul, is 81 years old and had worked as the manager of a storage unit facility for the last 20 years. He also lived next to the office so he could keep on eye on the place. I have been his constant companion for the last eight years. He took me away from his grandson who was not caring for me properly when I was about two. I had jumped out of a car window and needed hip surgery and Paul took care of that and became my new “person”. We have been best buddies ever since. That is until the owners of the storage unit facility decided to update and computerize their business. They did not want to retrain an 81 year old man, and so they fired Paul, and he lost his living arrangements. Being on a fixed income, he was limited as to where he could go, and when he did find a place, I was not allowed to go with him. Now we are both heart broken. I know Paul is happy knowing that I am safe, but I also know he misses me as much as I miss him. Here is part of the note he wrote when he gave me up:

In the eight years I’ve had Bodie, I only needed to scold him 2 times. But for the most part Bodie is a great friend. Bodie understands “no”. He is protective of his property. Signed with a tearful heart,


I know I don’t look ten years old, and I really love all people-even kids. There must be someone out there who has room in their hearts and home for an old boy like me. I’m really no trouble, and I know Paul would be so happy to know that I have another loving home since we can’t spend our last years together. Please help two old guys to know that people care by considering adopting me.



Oh Man Is That A Good Lookin' Dog....And A Rescue No Less!

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