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Parade of Rescue

Hey folks! Ever wondered if we would ever have a reunion? Want to show off that gorgeous Pei-by you adopted from us? Aw heck do you just like to strut your stuff?

Here is your chance!

It will be held on May 18, 2007 around 1pm. The show will start with Sweepstakes at 12:30pm and then do the Parade of Rescue and finish with regular class competition. It is FREE to participate in the Parade of Rescue and a participation rosette will be awarded!

Location is the Solano Fairgrounds, 900 Fairgrounds Dr. in Vallejo. The event will be held in the Expo Hall. Please RSVP to Julie Gunn at JBGunn@pacbell.net.

Hope to see you there!

He Was a Good Dog

I wanted to say a little about one of our rescue dogs. Bosco, passed away this morning as I was driving him to the vet. He was my foster dog.

Bosco was an interesting guy. He was a gorgeous brushcoat, with a very independent spirit. He was fine with cats, dogs, kids and pretty much everything that came his way. He had his quirks, but he made a lot of fans among those he met. He had this calm, endearing quality that drew people to him.

Last week Bosco started to cough. We suspected maybe he had caught something and started him on an antibiotic. After a few days of no improvement I took him back in and had some X-rays done. The news was not good. And we discovered something startling. This sweet, calm gentleman was nearly twice as old as we had thought AND he had been walking around with some sort of bullet or pellet lodged near his spine.

A lot of people helped Bosco in his final months on this earth. Bill Koch and Randy Peterson, the guys that got him to Redding; Anna and Rich for taking care of him and driving him (barking the whole way) to meet me; the staff at my vet's office who pronounced him "the best one I've had so far"; and many others.

This morning, Bosco, left us for the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss him, as will many others. His ashes will stay here, in the last home he knew.

Bosco was a good dog.

Update from Redding

We wanted to share something from one of our very talented adopters, Ney Fonseca. He adopted Leo and Moochie from us last year. He titled this the “Promised Land” and we can understand why. It’s a great tribute to his Pei, who he loves so much.

As I am writing this, we have placed 10 Pei into wonderful new homes. Unfortunately, Bonnie and Clyde’s adoption did not work out due to a family member developing severe allergies. They were only in their new home for about four days and had to come back to Redding. They got along great with their other dog, but some circumstances are beyond our control. On another sad note, Maple and Spice, who were adopted last year will be coming back. They were abandoned at a shelter in the Los Angeles area-thank goodness for microchips! Their owner had spinal surgery and could not take care of them any longer and put them in the shelter. Anyone who has adopted from us knows we will always take our dogs back if they can no longer be taken care of properly. Maple and Spice are now being fostered in the Los Angeles area, but they sure could use a home of their own. They are wonderful girls, and have already been through so much that they surely deserve a wonderful “forever” home of their own. We realize that sometimes things change that are out of our control, but adoption should always be considered a lifetime commitment.

Anna and Rich Payne

So Far, So Good!

It does seem that 2007 is starting out better than 2006 ended. Casper, Dexter, and Katie aka Noel have been adopted. Bonnie and Clyde will be leaving together and Mudslide and Kahlua will also be leaving together in the near future. All of this is good news, but there are still more who need to come in than are leaving. We just can’t seem to keep up. The following is the story in another rescuer’s words about “Charlie” who we have now taken in. Thankfully she took the time to let us know about Charlie and his sad situation. He may have died at the shelter without ever knowing the same loyalty from a human that he had for his poor Lab friend.

"I am a Director at Tuffie's Animal Rescue. I was picking up a dog at the Manteca Selter last night & a lovely shar pei (looks purebred) came into the Shelter. He & his lab buddy were running loose, his buddy was hit & killed by a car. Some onlookers took him in overnight, called the owner, got no answer & couldn't keep him as their dog is alpha. Poor Charlie is 5 years old & grieving over the loss of his buddy. He didn't want to leave his dead body. His owner came in & surrendered him to the Shelter this morning as he works out of the area & is gone several days at a time & the dogs kept getting out. Can you help at all? I'm in Vacaville & can help transport. Poor Charlie hasn't had much care & NO attention in a long time, but I think he deserves a chance."

Charlie will now have another chance. Traci Jennings picked him up from the shelter where he was and will be fostering him until there is room for him here in Redding.

A Note from Traci: I picked up Charlie on Monday, Jan 22. He managed to fit himself into my household seamlessly. He has yet to allow me out of his sight. One of the sweetest guys I have ever taken in (and that's saying something!)


I just wanted everyone to see how well I am doing. My new name is Katie, and I don’t feel like the same Pei who arrived in Redding not that long ago. I know I don’t look like the same dog. Thanks to all of you for your good thoughts-I think they worked along with the TLC that I am receiving from my foster parents. I am ready for a new “forever home”, and I’d love to hear from you. You’ll find me among “Our Kids”

Happy New Year from Redding


2006 is almost over, and it has been a difficult year for us. Difficult because we weren’t able to help as many homeless Pei as we would have liked because adoptions were down from previous years. Difficult because donations were also less than in past years. But more than that it was difficult because we had to say “good bye” to many of our “kids” both here at the rescue and those who had found their forever homes. We will miss them dearly until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Christmas will be here and gone in a couple of days, but for one special girl Christmas this year will never end. She was given the gift of life. As you can tell from Noel’s picture, she is in very “rough” shape. Because of Sgt. David Nelson with LA County Animal Control, we were notified about this poor girl. He was able to expedite her adoption, and there was a transport waiting to bring her from Los Angeles, where she would have been killed, to Redding. For all her multiple physical problems-terrible skin, a cyst over one eye, and having very little or no vision-this is one happy girl. She has no idea she has any problem at all! She has obviously suffered from extreme neglect, but from now on she will be treated with kindness and love and will not know another bad day. We only wish we could do this for all who need us, but there are just too many. The best gift we could receive would be to have all of our “kids” in permanent loving homes, but until that time comes they will celebrate the holidays with us.

For all of you who continue to support and help us whether in your thoughts, with your kind words, with financial support, or in any other way, we thank you. Truly, we depend on you.

We wish for all of you a happy, healthy, and safe new year. More than that we hope you are all able to find the happiness and fulfillment in your lives that we have found in ours by loving and caring for these special “kids”.

Hoping you have the best new year ever,

Rich and Anna and all the “kids”.

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