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Ruby and Cool Joe

Please let me introduce myself and my “other” half. I am Ruby, and my partner is Cool Joe. Our story is, as usual, a sad one. The good news is that we never had to go into a shelter, but that is only because our foster family was able to take us into their program before our previous ill equipped owner dumped us at a shelter. She claims we like to chew on cars. Yes, you read it correctly, she says we chew on cars. My foster mom says in her 25+ years of rescuing Pei, she has never heard of this excuse used by someone wanting to give up her dogs. I don’t think our foster parents believe we did such a thing-why would we? Why would we even have access to cars? The whole thing doesn’t make any sense, even to us. So for those of you who have inquiring minds, now you why we are where we are.

Now, a little bit about us. Cool Joe is about four years old and a very handsome cream horsecoat. I guess I’m not impartial since he has been my significant other since I joined him when I was a puppy. I’m not sure why this person got a second dog when she could not properly take care of Cool Joe, but that’s what some of you humans do. At this point, I am not complaining because I love him dearly and depend on him for companionship, and, yes, love. We are so hoping that there might be someone out there who will want two Pei who are totally bonded.

I recently had puppies because our previous owner “didn’t know that would happen” even though it had already happened once before, and I am only about two years old. One of my most recent puppies was given away to someone at the dog park at about 2.5 weeks old. I can only hope that he is ok. My other baby is in a wonderful foster home and getting the best of care. I wish I could have given them what they needed, but I developed an infection that required antibiotics, and I was no longer allowed to care for them. Or at least that’s what our previous owner said. Although none of this was my fault, I miss my babies and wish I could have done better by them.

I will need eye surgery in the near future, and I will be spayed at the same time so there will be no more “accidents”. That is about a month away. I am a fawn brushcoat, although my coat is a little “rough” right now. I will be beautiful soon enough, inside and out. We are both very loving “kids” and so badly want to stay together. We’ve been through so much already, please consider adopting us as a couple. I promise you won’t be sorry. All we want is someone to love us and provide us with the loving home we so deserve. We have so much to live for.

Thank you for reading our story. We hope there is someone out there who will provide the “happy ending” for it.

Greetings from the Ranch

We’re sorry this update has been so long in coming and that it will be very short. I have had surgery on my right hand which makes it difficult to type. We are adding some new dogs with brief descriptions. I will add more as the hand gets better.

Thanks for your understanding.

Anna and Rich

Problem with Online Applications

We just want to let everyone know that we are aware that our application process is not working properly. We are working on getting that problem corrected. Also, I am scheduled for a surgical procedure on my right hand so that will further slow things down. We just wanted to make everyone aware of our “issues”. We don’t want anyone to think they are being ignored, and we try to get back on track as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Greetings from Redding - Adoptions are now pending for both puppies!

Hello from those of us here in Redding. We are two of the newest and some would say cutest additions to this extended family. We came into the rescue with our mom, Luna. We’re sure you will see a picture of her very soon. She will need a home too, and we really want that for her since she has been such a good mom to us. She was bred before she was a year old, and does have some medical needs that will be taken care of for her. She will need eye surgery on both eyes, and her fur needs some time to grow back. We’re told giving birth can be a very stressful situation for the mother and especially for a first time mom. We already know she is beautiful inside, and before you know it she will be just as beautiful on the outside. She will be spayed before she goes into her new home so we are her one and only litter. There were other puppies, but we were the only ones the previous owners were willing to give up, and we are thankful for that.

We are both little girls, and everyone who meets us thinks we are just about cutest things they’ve seen. The vet thinks we are around eight weeks old, and we are almost ready to go into our new homes. One thing we are certain of is that we are 100% half Shar Pei! As for the other half, it’s anyone’s guess. Many have tried, but it is still a mystery and probably will remain so. Since we look so much alike, we probably had the same father. It doesn’t really matter to us, and we hope it won’t matter to you. We will make a great addition to the right family, and we know we will probably not go to the same home. That is ok with us as long as we get lots of attention and play time. We are puppies so we will need some training to know what is expected of us, but we are quick learners, and think of all the together time we could have while we train each other! By the way, our names are Lyra and Rana in keeping with the constellation theme that started with our mom’s name, Luna.

Please get in touch if you think you are a good match for us.

Goodbye Our Beloved Boy - Bibby

November 20, 2016

It is with great sadness that I let you know we said “goodbye” to Bibby today. Bibby had been with us for almost nine years which made him about 14 years old if the previous owners records were correct. He had originally been surrendered to the Sacramento Shelter by his owners when they lost their home. We were so lucky to have shared Bibby’s life with him for the last nine years. He was a special and precious boy who is already deeply missed. To know him was to love him.

Bibby had some close calls in terms of health concerns during his time with us, but he fooled us all more than once and bounced back from some serious diagnosis. He was strong and had a great will to live. Unfortunately, this time was not going to be a close call, but the final call. Bibby’s appetite was declining and physically he was slowing down. At the vet, it was determined that there were two very large aggressive masses on his liver that were causing his multiple problems. With very heavy hearts, Rich and I decided to end Bibby’s suffering and let him go to the Rainbow Bridge. We are sad now, not for him, but for us and our loss. He took a piece of our hearts with him.

Bibby was a gentle soul with a big heart that he so generously shared with us-asking very little in return. We’re going to miss those great big ears and his presence here at the rescue. Bibby’s favorite treat was duck jerky, that I bought just for him. This afternoon, in his memory, all the “kids” got a piece of duck jerky. I’m sure Bibby would have wanted it that way.

RIP sweet Bibby.

Anna and Rich

Please Meet Liberty!!!

It’s Liberty here, and my foster parents wanted me to let you know that I am still here. They tell me they just don’t understand why no one has wanted to adopt me. It’s obvious from my photos that I am about the cutest thing since sliced bread. I want to be friends with all the people I meet. I am loyal, devoted, and my previous owners said I was quite the comedian. According to them I kept them constantly entertained with all my antics. I’m not sure what that means, but I do know how to have a good time, and I don’t act my age! I am not destructive, and I am even perfectly housebroken. What more could anyone ask for in a new companion? I would, however, like to have all your attention, and that means I would be happiest as an only dog. I’m just a needy girl in terms of attention. I think there are a lot of you out there who are the same in wanting the be the “one and only” so you can relate.

They keep telling me that it was not my fault that I came back to the rescue, but I still keep trying to figure out what I did wrong. First, my “dad” just did not come home one day, and my “mom” was never the same after that. I miss them both, but I know I could make a new family very happy. Please give me the chance to show you what a happy and charming girl I am.

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