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Happy Holidays

At this holiday season our "kids" could sure use your help. We know things are still tough for a lot of people, but if you are able to help with a donation in any amount, it would be much appreciated. It is getting more and more difficult to make ends meet for this rescue, but we are hoping we will be able to continue helping those Pei who need us so badly.

We hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends. As with so many of our updates this year, we have more sad news. Yesterday we lost another of our four legged family members-Deuce. He was one of our personal dogs and will be missed by Rich and me and our other "kids", Cassie, Mitchell, and Luki. Luki, our blind girl, will feel the loss of Deuce the most as he was her "seeing eye" dog. We got Luki when she was two weeks old, and she has been blind since birth. Somebody had dumped her in the night deposit at the Sacramento County Shelter-probably when they realized she was blind. Deuce came to us from the Orange County Shelter, and they had been together for most of their lives. Luki is being treated for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and now she has lost her best friend. We will all be helping her make the adjustment to losing her best buddy and hopefully, getting this disease under control.

Deuce had suddenly quit eating, and we took him to see Dr. Larry on Tuesday morning. His bloodwork looked good, but clearly he was not "himself". We brought him home hoping it was just a passing "bug". He died here peacefully at about 4am Wednesday. A necropsy (autopsy) was done in hopes of perhaps helping another dog down the road in terms of what had gone wrong. It was determined that Deuce had cancer of the intestine and some fluid had leaked into his stomach. Dr. Larry said there was nothing we could have done, but that doesn't make the loss any easier. It certainly has been a year of terrible loss for us, and we can only hope next year will be brighter.

Happy Holidays from all of us here in Redding.

A love letter to Loretta-Lynn

Hello, My name is Marisa Franczuszki

I am now sponsoring Caesar I recently put my 9 3/4 yr old sharpei to sleep due to sharpei-fever and a brain tumor which ultimately took her to angel status. As her job was finished here on earth. I had her for 2 yrs. and I would not take any of it back. She was such a blessing and the love of my life. Such a gentle loving soul. I rescued her from the Sacramento animal shelter. The people who had her before were not nice to her and likely abused her. So stong, stoic and the picture of unconditional love. I learned so much from her as she was here to watch over me and accompany through my transitions. I would love it if you could put her picture next to my name as she is the one guiding me to sponsor this beautiful animal. I'm not sure how you can do that and if you can. Either way I know my money is being put to a good use. Attached is Loretta-Lynn's photo and I also copied and pasted it in the email.

Shar-Pei Fever - Validation of genetic test for FSF – Samples Needed!!!!! Test on November 7th (next Sunday) in Clayton, CA

Validation of genetic test for FSF – Samples Needed!!!!!

Test on November 7th (next Sunday) in Clayton, CA

Calling all Shar-Pei (papered or not)

All the years of research has finally produced results. They have located the mutated gene that causes Shar-Pei Fever. But they have to run a validation study to confirm their findings.

Dr. Linda Tintle, DVM has put out an request for additional samples from older than 5-years-old Shar-Pei. At this point, a pedigree is not as important, but pure bred is. Her request and instructions follow.

To facilitate gathering of the much needed samples, the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Northern California is holding a blood draw for this test on November 7th (next Sunday) in Clayton, CA. The Vet techs doing the draw have 15 to 30 yrs experience with Shar-Pei. There is no cost to participants and CSPCNC will be shipping all the samples together. If you are interested in having your Shar-Pei participate in this draw please contact the club at cspcnc@yahoo.com. Or if you can't make this date, contact us and we can make other arrangements for late next week.

These additional research samples are being funded by the Chinese Shar-Pei Charitable Trust ( http://www.cspcharitabletrust.org/Home.cfm.)

If you submit samples on your own, please have your vet follow the instructions to the letter. In layman's terms, 5ml of both the purple top (EDTA whole blood) and the red top (serum) vials need to be used. Do not freeze sample but keep on ice and shipped in ice overnight. No deliveries can be received on a Sat or Sun. The instructions are all listed on the questionnaire, link below. And make sure to include a "complete medical file." No shaving of the dog is needed, just one little poke. In a minute or two it is all over!

Please find it in your heart to participate in this ground breaking research. My 11-year-old has participated in this and all the other requests over the years.

Current research information supporting these findings are in peer review and should be published next spring or summer. When it is published I will make sure the information is published here. Individual results of this validation test will be available, privately, to each of the participants upon written request at no charge. When this test is validated, the test will be available to all Shar-Pei, for a fee.

Deanna Liskey, CSPR volunteer & CSPCNC President

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Validation of genetic test for FSF – Samples Needed.

We have received a very large number of samples at the Broad Institute and are grateful for the response. But we have received too few from the most valuable groups:

1) Shar-Pei with a history of FSF and good medical records

2) Shar-Pei with no FSF over 5 yrs of age.

Many samples were received of EDTA whole blood only without accompanying serum samples and this restricts their value to the study. I realize that some of this occurred because the Broad Institute’s generic release form stated 5 ml of EDTA whole blood while the Questionnaire for the Shar-Pei study that followed that release requested 5 ml EDTA whole blood AND serum from 5 ml blood. Many samples were unfortunately received without serum.

In order to get sufficient samples for validating the test, I am asking the Shar-Pei community to consider obtaining blood and serum samples from their older Shar-Pei and sending them to the Broad.

AKC#s and pedigrees are helpful but it is much more important at this juncture that we get samples from older dogs ( > 5 yrs ) with good medical records. If you did not participate because your older Shar-Pei is not registered or has an unknown pedigree, please reconsider contributing by sending samples now.

We have many samples from the dogs at the CSPCA National Specialty but, as you would expect, many of these dogs were less than 5 yrs of age.

Information and downloadable PDF of release and questionnaire to accompany samples can be found on my website here:


A Heartfelt Good-Bye to Isaac

It seems so many of our updates this year have been letting you know of our losses. Unfortunately, this one is no different. Last week we lost "Isaac" who had come to us about five years ago. It became apparent early on that Isaac was not an adoptable Pei. Although he loved me and Rich very much, he did not trust anyone else and was very unpredictable around strangers. As with every Pei who comes to us, we made the promise to Isaac that he would have a home here with us for the rest of his life-and so he did. About the same time we took Isaac in, we received an email from a soldier in Iraq whose name was Isaac. That is how our Isaac got his name. We are happy to say that Isaac (the soldier) has ended his term of service to our country and has returned home to Utah safely. We are so grateful to him and all the others who risk their lives to keep this country safe. Last week our Isaac seemed to be losing his appetite, and he was eating less and less. Finally, he would not even eat the treats he loved so much. On Monday we took him to see Dr. Larry, and they did some blood work. On Tuesday, we were told the blood work reflected that Isaac had kidney disease and his kidneys were probably only functioning at about 25%. We were told Isaac was not in pain and that we might have about two more weeks with him. Wednesday morning Isaac was still going outside and holding his tail high. By noon on Wednesday when Rich went out to walk the "kids" Isaac seemed more depressed and wouldn't jump up on Rich's knee as was their routine. Rich hugged Isaac and told him that if he were really tired and didn't feel good, it was ok to let go. When Rich went out in the evening to do the final feeding and walk, Isaac had "let go". It was as though he listened to Rich and understood. Although Isaac's "forever home" ended up being with us here in Redding, we loved him very much, and he is missed. This year has been a struggle for us in terms of personal losses. We appreciate you patience as we try to catch up and keep this rescue going. Anna and Rich

Thank You all for your Patience

We hope you all had a great summer. We know some things have fallen behind a little lately-responses to applications and email questions have been delayed. We had a death in the family-Rich's mom passed away recently-and we just need some time to get through this. We appreciate your patience, and we'll make every effort to get back into the flow of things as soon as we can.

Mid-Summer 2010 Update

Well, the summer is drawing to a close-we hope it was a good one for everyone. There are not many changes here in Redding, and unfortunately, not many adoptions. There are so many more Pei who need our help, but due to lack of space availability we can't take them in. We will be adding a couple of new "kids" so please take look when you have a minute. We have so many great dogs here who always seem to be passed over. It seems the longer they are here, that people begin to think there is something wrong with them. I can assure you there is nothing "wrong" with them other than having been left behind when adoption time comes. All of our "kids" deserve loving homes, and although they have a home with us for as long as it takes, it is our wish for all of them to have there own families. We spend individual time daily with every Pei here, but after all there are only two of us for all of them. Please consider one of our long time residents when it is time to open your heart and home to a new family member.

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