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A Letter from Bobby

Hi, it's me, Bobby.

I just wanted to let you all know how I am doing here in Redding. I have been to see Dr. Larry who thinks I’m probably closer to 6-7 years old than 12 years old judging from my teeth. That’s good news for me and anyone who might want to make me part of their family. My foster dad says I don’t act like a 12 year old Pei. I’m out there doing “play bows” and running around the yard trying to engage him in some kind of play, but maybe HE’s the one who is too old for that!

I have had my eyes done, I was neutered, and they even cleaned my teeth for me. Unfortunately, now I have tested positive for heartworm disease. I will start the treatment as soon as I heal from my surgeries. I hear it’s not an easy treatment for me, but I am confident that I will be fine and ready for a new home when it is complete. It will be about two months before I will get a “clean bill of health”, but you know good things are worth waiting for!

I hope my story has touched your heart. I also hope for those of you who have not tested your four legged companions for heartworm disease and put them on preventative, that you will make an effort to do that. The treatment may be difficult and somewhat painful, but left untreated the disease is a death sentence. I am lucky that my foster parents test every dog who is accepted into their program. Yes, there have been dogs that have come from Southern CA who were positive, although there are people in that area who do not think their dogs are at risk. The area I came from is not considered high risk, but that mosquito who bit me and gave me this disease sure didn’t know any boundaries. It’s an easy blood test and a once a month preventative that can prevent heartworm disease, and I can tell you that I sure wish my previous owners had done that for me so I would not be having to go through the upcoming treatment. I am just glad it was discovered, and I will have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life. Once the treatment is complete, I will have no lasting effects.

Well, I will get off my soap box now. I just wanted all of you to be aware of heartworm disease and what you can do to prevent it.

I wish I had new photo of my handsome self to share with you, but my foster parents have had a lot going on. I will be touch after my treatment with an update and new picture.

Thanks for caring.


Happy Valentine's Day - Sweatshirt Fundraiser

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you from all of us up here in Redding. My name is Abbie, and it seems that I have been appointed to speak on behalf of all of us in regards to a sweatshirt fundraiser that is running right now to generate funds that will benefit us. We have seen the sweatshirt and would agree that it really doesn’t make a fashion statement. We also know most of you reading this probably have a four legged friend to walk, and we think this sweatshirt could be put to great use on those walks. Maybe you just want to wear this while lounging around the house and spending time with your furry friends. Perhaps the shirt could be for a friend and/or Valentine-even one who does not have a Shar Pei to love, but I’m pretty sure we could make that happen for them!

We realize the our 50 shirt goal may be a little unrealistic, but we need to sell quite a few more shirts before they can even be printed and at that we would just break even. Please consider helping us out by purchasing a sweatshirt. Winter is not over yet, and we want to make sure you stay warm, and at the same time support a very worthy cause-that cause would be us, and we are worthy!

Although we won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day with our forever families, we all have each other up here. Most of us are lucky to be celebrating at all and are thankful to be here. As for me, I have been here for eight years now and will spend the rest of my life here. Please don’t be sad for me because I am thankful to be here. When I got here, my spirit was broken, and I lashed out by trying to bite. I still have my demons, and I just can’t get over what happened to me in an earlier life, but I have a good life here. My foster parents love me and spend time with me which is what we all really want and they make sure all my medical needs are taken care of. The food is really good too, and I wear it well! I will try and post an updated photo soon-I am still a pretty girl!

Wear your support by purchasing a California Shar-Pei Rescue sweatshirt. Only $35 and all proceeds go directly to the dogs in our care. Available in adult, plus, and children's sizes.

Purchase online at http://bit.ly/1yRbLI4.

Thanks to all of you for your continuing support in so many ways.


Update on Charly

Hi everyone. I just want to let you know that I am doing really well. I got that terribly pink cast off-what were they thinking? Could they not recognize that I am a very handsome young MAN? Well, maybe not, I did already have the surgery that eliminated those very tell tale parts. No matter, life is good! I am still healing, and my jaw has healed to the point that I can eat most anything now, and I do like my food. I am putting on much needed weight. Dr. Larry saw my xrays and said it was a very bad break. I still have the pins in my leg for at least another week, when he will check it again. All of this has not slowed me down-I get from place to place quite well.

All of this being said, I should be ready for my forever home in 4-6 weeks. Please keep me in mind if you are looking for a new family member. I might just be your BOY!

I want to thank you all once again for your help in getting me back on the right track by helping me get the medical care I so badly needed. I'll be in touch...

My name is Charly - Please help me

Let my start by saying "Merry Christmas"!

My name is Charly, and I guess you can tell from this photo that I found out the hard way that I am no match for a car. I was found by my guardian angel, Mary, limping on three legs with blood coming from my mouth. Mary was on her way home from church and realized my plight. She stopped her car and helped me in and took me straight to a vet. The vet determined that my left leg was badly broken and needed to be "pinned" in order for it to heal properly. That surgery needed to be done immediately. My jaw is also broken, but we are going to try and let that heal on it's own with a diet of only soft food. You all know how much we dogs like wet food so I guess that's the upside to tangling with a car. I'm trying to stay positive.

This rescue has paid $1,000 because I needed immediate attention but now needs your help so there will be money to take care of the next dog who may need immediate care. I will also need additional xrays and surgeries once I get to Redding as well as lots of TLC. I am asking you for help so that I can get well and be a "whole" dog again and find a wonderful new home.

I am told this rescue has never turned down a dog due to medical needs and the costs associated with those needs. I know this to be true because they did not turn me down when I needed help the most. I am also told that there are other "kids" in Redding, and we all need food, vet visits, and sometimes long term medications. I am asking on behalf of all of us for a little Christmas "cheer" which I hope will translate into a donation to help take care of us. No amount is too small, or too large, for that matter! Just know that 100% of what you give is put towards our care. This is a 100% voluntary organization. Another benefit, whatever you donate is tax deductible. So, if you are looking for that end of the year tax deduction, now would be a good time to help us out.

Thanks from all of us for your support.


Please open your hearts and helps us to continue to save these abandoned animals this Holiday Season

Please open your hearts and helps us to continue to save these abandoned animals this Holiday Season

Holiday Message from Anna and Rich

Hello, and Happy Fall!

We hope your summer was filled with lots of good times and happy memories. Redding remained dry as with most of CA, but now we are receiving some much needed rain. Unfortunately, the "kids" are not too happy with this water coming out of the sky, and it makes their walks quite a challenge. We hope they will have to get used to it since we so badly need the rain.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and as with years gone by, we have much to be thankful for. We are grateful to all of you for your continued support. Some of you have been with us since the beginning about 15 years ago. Others are new to our "family". All of you help us to make a difference to the dogs who need us so badly. The thing that we are most appreciative of is our adopters who open their hearts and homes to one or more of our orphans. You all are the reason we are able to continue to save these wonderful Pei. There are times Rich and I feel so bad for some of our "kids" who are continually overlooked when it comes to being adopted. This year two of those dogs were placed in homes and are doing well. Poor Molly looked like she had been nearly bred to death, but her new family in Oklahoma saw beyond her physical looks and accepted her into their home. Milly was with us for about two years before her special family found her. Now she is living the good life in Montana in a loving home where her biggest challenge will be dealing with the snow. These are the happy endings that keep us going and help to reinforce that what we do does make a difference.

If you are able to make a year end donation to help our "kids" it would be much appreciated. This rescue is totally dependent on your generosity to be able to continue to take in new dogs and meet their needs. All donations are tax deductible, and can be made by check or donating through Paypal. If you are going to be doing any online shopping with Amazon, you can help out by using AmazonSmile that will donate a portion of your purchase back to us. Please use this link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/23-2938414. Very soon we will be announcing another fundraiser just in time for the holidays. We will provide more details in a few days.

We hope you all enjoy and safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Anna and Rich

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