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Calling All Shar-Pei

Calling ALL Chinese Shar-Pei.

Please participate in a study being conducted by the University of Colorado. Researcher Anne Avery states, “This study will be measuring proteins in the blood that are associated with inflammation. In people with Familial Mediterranean Fever, there are elevated levels of these proteins, even when they are not having (fever) episodes. This is not necessarily to develop a test for the disease, because I think a group at NIH (National Institutes of Health) is close to identifying the gene(s), but to understand how those genes make dogs sick, and perhaps to use the levels of some of these proteins to monitor therapy, for example colchicine therapy.”

Researchers are looking for blood samples from all Shar-Pei – no pedigree is necessary. They are more interested in the medical history behind your Shar-Pei, so rescue dogs are very welcome to participate in this study. They prefer at least a year’s documented medical history (can be combination between the rescue organizations records and personal history after adoption) on non-fever dogs. If your Pei’s medical history is less than a year but the dog has had two documented fever episodes, they can participate. The minimum age requested is one year old.

There are two ways to participate: First, I have arranged to hold a DNA draw Sunday afternoon, September 30, 2007, at my home in Fremont, CA. Please e-mail CSPCNC@yahoo.com or call (510) 795-9456 to make an appointment for that day. There will be two licensed veterinary techs who are very familiar with Shar-Pei doing the blood draws. I will gather all that day’s samples together and cold ship overnight. Or you can go to your own veterinarian to have blood drawn and then you can cold ship overnight via UPS (on U C’s prepaid account). Most veterinarians will do this at no charge for research purposes. Contact me at the above e-mail address or phone me for all the particulars.

Please consider participating in this and/or any future research project that will benefit our breed. One needle stick can possibly reduce or eliminate future pain and suffering from disease for our breed. Over the past 30 years, we have gone from a life expectancy of six to eight years to 12 years. Let’s see if, through research, we can add a few more precious years to that.

Eileen and an Update From Redding

Hi Folks

We’re happy to report that the growth has been removed from Eileen’s eye and she has been spayed. She had her heartworm treatment last week and is recovering from that now. It is a difficult procedure for any dog and has slowed her down a little. She now has to remain calm for the next several weeks. That won’t be difficult for her since she has always been a laid back kind of girl. I want to apologize to those of you who made a donation in her name. Because her photo and bio were not up on our webpage you were listed as Guardian Angels for various other dogs. Please know that your very generous donations are continuing to be applied to her medical needs. We very much appreciate you coming forward to help Eileen, and I know she’s thankful too. She’s another Pei who suffered from terrible neglect at the hands of her previous owners. Now she will have the opportunity to know a loving home thanks to all of you. She will be going up as a “New Kid”, and we will get a new photo as soon as her eye is completely healed. She is such a beautiful girl with a very loving and gentle spirit. She deserves all we are able to do for her to make her whole again.

Summer is almost over, and we don’t know about you, but we are ready for some cooler weather. We (both two and four legged) have had enough of these triple digits! As always, we can’t keep up with the number of Pei who continue to need our help. If you know of anyone who would give one of our kids a great home, please send them our way.

We’ll be doing a few fundraisers in the upcoming months and will let you know more about them as the time gets closer.

Anna and Rich

United Way

Hi folks,

I just wanted to clarify how you can help us during your United Way campaigns.

The official name for us is "Homeward Bound CSP, Inc."

You won't need a United Way number. They will send us the appropriate paperwork.

To everyone who has asked, thank you for your generosity! Two paws up!

Latest From Redding

Hi Shar Pei Fans.

As the summer draws to a close, we are faced with the ongoing problem of too many dogs and not enough space. Last week alone we took in six Pei. Although this year has been better for us in terms of adoptions, it is still slow. To date we have placed 43 Pei in new loving homes, but there are so many out there in shelters that we are still having to turn them down due to lack of space.

The poor girl you see in the photo is Eileen. As you can see she had a tumor under her eye. She is a stray from Yolo County, CA, which is just above Sacramento. One of the shelter staff contacted us to see if we could take her since her owner did not come forward to claim her. We had her spayed, the tumor removed, and entropion surgery was also done. The tumor was sent out for a biopsy, but we do not know the results yet. Unfortunately, poor Eileen has another problem. It turns out she is also heartworm positive. We will have to wait until she heals from her surgeries before we can begin her heartworm treatment. As some of you may know the treatment for this disease is not only painful and dangerous for the dog, it is also very expensive.

We are asking for your help to cover the cost of Eileen’s vet care. She is a very sweet and special girl, and gets along with just about everyone even though she must be uncomfortable. We made a commitment to take care of all her needs the day we took her into our program. Please help us to help her with a tax deductible donation towards her medical care. She is special and deserves the chance to know a better life.

More Updates

I know I've been a slacker about updates for the front page. I will try to do better!

FYI, Lychee is now named Chloe. She is very sweet and timid but when she warms up she is a wiggle butt and a half! She loves to play, so if you have another dog that needs a playmate, she's your girl! An added plus, I had her crate-trained in a day and she has perfect potty manners.

Max had his eye surgery and will be ready to go as soon as the stiches are out. He is bomb-proof temperament-wise. Gets along with everyone (except cats, but that's sort of a given around here). If you want a very small guy with a HUGE personality, check him out!

More dogs are arriving this weekend. Unfortunately, the Shar Pei went from near extinction in the 70's and now they are raining like cats and, well, dogs! If you are thinking of getting a wrinkle pup, now is a good time!

I also want to wish, Jake, a fond farewell. He will be joining Hershey, in Southern California, on Monday. As you can see, he doesn't seem to mind leaving us at all:

The Dog Days of Summer

Hi Folks! Anna and Rich are back online and looking forward to hearing from you! We have (unfortunately) lots of dogs that need homes. I am transporting 2 new ones to Anna and Rich on Tuesday. Lychee is a beautiful, black horsecoat puppy and Max is an adorable OriPei. After they have been seen by our vet they will be available for adoption.

Of course we are always in need of your donations. Over half the year is gone so its time to start thinking "Tax Deduction!" We are a 501(c)(3) organization and we rely on your donations to keep us going. Adoption fees do not cover the expense of providing the best care for these guys.

We also love to hear and see what our alumni are up to after they go to their forever homes. If you have pictures or video of your Pei-by(s) send them in! We would love to put them on the website for others to enjoy.

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