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Why We Do What We Do

Sometimes its difficult for people to understand why they can't have that cute puppy on our website. If we always had cute puppies, it wouldn't be so hard for us to place dogs. But the fact is, we rarely have cute puppies. The puppies we do get usually have problems, that's why we get them.

By the time we get done treating these little guys for entropion, mange, broken bones, ear infections, etc., they have missed out on a large part of their puppyhood. So we try our best to get them into a foster home where they can learn the skills necessary to be a good family dog. And we place them close to our puppy foster or our facility in Redding, so they can receive the followup care they will inevitably need.

Which is why, when we get flooded with applications for a cute puppy, we carefully screen each one. We are usually looking for experienced Pei owners, living in the state of California, who fully understand what exactly they are up against, by adopting a cute little guy with health problems. We are fully aware that there are great owners and great vets located throughout this country. But, we made a commitment to our dogs the moment we said, "Yes, we'll take him." And that commitment is for life. If, ANYTHING, happens to one of our dogs, we will ALWAYS take that dog back. Try getting a breeder to honor that commitment.

Didn't get that cute puppy you wanted? Consider this...most SharPei are full grown by about 8 months. For the next 8 to 12 years you will be living with an ADULT dog. We always have wonderful, adult dogs that would love a good home, with a caring owner and great vet care. Please consider one of these dogs. For every time we adopt out a dog, we can save a life in a shelter.

Lives are saved by open minds and open hearts. Join us in saving lives. You won't regret it.

What A Year! And It's Only June!

Hi everyone,

I want to catch you up on some of the goings on at California SharPei Rescue. We started off the year very strongly with a number of adoptions. However, things have slowed quite a bit.

On the good news front, some of our longtime residents have found their forever homes. Regis went to live in Modesto with Howard and Nancy Rogers and their Pei, Mandy. Bingo is in the process of being adopted. Buster went to live with Tammy Ford and family in Southern California. He joins Kahlua and Mudslide there.

Some of our more recent arrivals found homes, also. Harvey, the little guy with the broken leg, was adopted. Chip (a beautiful flower boy) went to live in Oakland with the Sufi family. He never even made it to the front page. Little Ava found a good home where she will be spoiled like the Princess that she is.

On another note, you may have noticed that we took down the post for Andree. He is the deaf/blind Pei/Aussi mix at Butte Humane Society. Not to worry though. The original post was a courtesy post for the folks at Butte. However, he will be going to Modesto next week, to learn some special skills to help him, and any potential adopter, adapt to his special needs. If you are one of Andree's Guardian Angels, thank you.

We appreciate all of our adopters, Guardian Angels, volunteers and of course, Anna and Rich Payne. Without you, these precious lives would be lost.

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made." M. Facklam

Parade of Rescue - Follow-Up

Deanna Liskey , one of our phenomenal volunteers, sent us this update about last Friday's Parade of Rescue: "I just thought I would you see the two special gifts I got this weekend. The first one was a plaque given to me by Julie Gunn right after the parade of rescue. I just love the photo of TnT. And the 2nd photo is the gift I received from Paula and the club for the work I did on the Specialty. I could not fit the whole thing on my scanner. It is a black metal cut out of a CSP with my house numbers below it. Those that attended the parade of rescue where, Tucker and Tequila, Montana, BoBo, & Pippi. Those that stayed received a rosette of participation and Julie handed out some medals to wear around their necks, that she made up. Everyone had a great time. Deanna"

Here is the plaque:

I'm very happy that all of the hard work that Deanna does was recognized. I know that Deanna is truly a gift to us here at Shar Pei Rescue. She makes it possible for us to rescue, treat and find forever homes for puppies that we get. Dealing with puppies is time-consuming and requires a lot of work. Deanna has always stepped up to help them, providing a nurturing home environment, good social skills and excellent care. As wonderful as our kennel is, puppies need to be in a home.

Congratulations Deanna! And THANK YOU! from the bottom of our hearts.

Parade of Rescue

Hey folks! Ever wondered if we would ever have a reunion? Want to show off that gorgeous Pei-by you adopted from us? Aw heck do you just like to strut your stuff?

Here is your chance!

It will be held on May 18, 2007 around 1pm. The show will start with Sweepstakes at 12:30pm and then do the Parade of Rescue and finish with regular class competition. It is FREE to participate in the Parade of Rescue and a participation rosette will be awarded!

Location is the Solano Fairgrounds, 900 Fairgrounds Dr. in Vallejo. The event will be held in the Expo Hall. Please RSVP to Julie Gunn at JBGunn@pacbell.net.

Hope to see you there!

He Was a Good Dog

I wanted to say a little about one of our rescue dogs. Bosco, passed away this morning as I was driving him to the vet. He was my foster dog.

Bosco was an interesting guy. He was a gorgeous brushcoat, with a very independent spirit. He was fine with cats, dogs, kids and pretty much everything that came his way. He had his quirks, but he made a lot of fans among those he met. He had this calm, endearing quality that drew people to him.

Last week Bosco started to cough. We suspected maybe he had caught something and started him on an antibiotic. After a few days of no improvement I took him back in and had some X-rays done. The news was not good. And we discovered something startling. This sweet, calm gentleman was nearly twice as old as we had thought AND he had been walking around with some sort of bullet or pellet lodged near his spine.

A lot of people helped Bosco in his final months on this earth. Bill Koch and Randy Peterson, the guys that got him to Redding; Anna and Rich for taking care of him and driving him (barking the whole way) to meet me; the staff at my vet's office who pronounced him "the best one I've had so far"; and many others.

This morning, Bosco, left us for the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss him, as will many others. His ashes will stay here, in the last home he knew.

Bosco was a good dog.

Update from Redding

We wanted to share something from one of our very talented adopters, Ney Fonseca. He adopted Leo and Moochie from us last year. He titled this the “Promised Land” and we can understand why. It’s a great tribute to his Pei, who he loves so much.

As I am writing this, we have placed 10 Pei into wonderful new homes. Unfortunately, Bonnie and Clyde’s adoption did not work out due to a family member developing severe allergies. They were only in their new home for about four days and had to come back to Redding. They got along great with their other dog, but some circumstances are beyond our control. On another sad note, Maple and Spice, who were adopted last year will be coming back. They were abandoned at a shelter in the Los Angeles area-thank goodness for microchips! Their owner had spinal surgery and could not take care of them any longer and put them in the shelter. Anyone who has adopted from us knows we will always take our dogs back if they can no longer be taken care of properly. Maple and Spice are now being fostered in the Los Angeles area, but they sure could use a home of their own. They are wonderful girls, and have already been through so much that they surely deserve a wonderful “forever” home of their own. We realize that sometimes things change that are out of our control, but adoption should always be considered a lifetime commitment.

Anna and Rich Payne

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