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Thank You

A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to Shar Pei Rescue in memory of Jan Green. Many dogs will benefit from your kindness.

The Things We Do For Our Dogs....

Last week I had my hardwood floors refinished. Which may not seem like a big deal until you realize to yourself..."Holy Cow! Where am I going to put the dogs!" As if moving out all of the furniture, dog beds, toys, cow hooves and partially chewed knuckle bones weren't enough of a task.

Solution? My home office!

My house is pretty old and it used to have a one car garage. The previous owners converted it to a room but never really did much with it. Over the years I managed to turn it into a home office. I even invested in some really nice looking carpet tiles for the floor. (Which turned out to be a great idea, just toss the ones the dogs mess up, pop new one in, voila!). Part of the old garage also became a laundry room and pantry/breezeway/whatever. The breezeway got laminate flooring and the laundry room got this epoxy flooring that you can just hose out. Which is good because the dog door is in there. So the dogs have a place to stay and easy in/out access.

Meanwhile, I am shuttling back and forth from my sister's house (where I am sleeping) and my house (taking care of dogs, business, etc.) In order to make the office more comfy to the kids, I put throws, beds, blankets, and my comforter. Basically, my office became a flophouse for Pei.

So the first night I took Mulan (my alpha girl) with me to stay at my sister's house. The next morning I went home expecting the 4 boys to have reduced the place to some form of frathouse rubble. But they were very well behaved. YAY!

So all of the refinishing is done. The floors are beautiful. The boys survived 4 nights without me and this morning I woke up under a Pei pile. And for those of you wondering what a Pei flophouse looks like.....

Words Cannot Express

Jan Green's funeral was today. Over the past week, people have been leaving their remembrances of Jan in our comments section. The amount of love and care that pours forth from the words of those she left behind are a testimony to the gentle spirit that was Jan.

Every new entry makes me cry, but it also reaffirms something: Jan was someone special, and I am glad to have had her as a friend, even for a short time.

We Lost A Good Friend Today

It is with a great deal of sadness that I make this update. California Shar Pei Rescue, its friends and volunteers and pretty much everyone who ever met her lost a dear friend today. Jan Green passed away today after an amazingly brave battle with cancer. And she truly was amazing.

Jan was recovering from her first bout with cancer when she adopted Rico (FKA Bishop) from us. Rico was no easy dog. He had terrible separation anxiety. He barked all day, pooped in his crate, destroyed nearly everything in his path and generally acted the psycho dog.

But Jan never gave up.

Despite the return of the cancer, she adopted Jazz (FKA Kisses) to try and ease the stress for Rico. She also set up a web cam so she could monitor his actions while she went back to work a few hours each day.

She loved those dogs as if they were the children she never had. The whole house was set up just for them. Many of us received not just pictures but whole albums of photos. On the beach, at home, out for walks, wherever. Rico always hammed it up for the camera.

Jan was a talented photographer, in addition to all of her other talents. I know I will miss those photo albums. Some of the photos ended up as my desktop theme at one time or another.

Despite everything Jan always looked for the lighter side. Even cracking jokes and taking pictures of Rico stealing her heating pad when she got up for a minute.

I hope that wherever Jan is now, that she was able in her final hours to know that sometimes the universe is kind. Rico and Jazz found a new home nearby where they could stay together. Knowing Jan, that would have been all she cared about. Rest easy my friend. You were and still are dearly loved and will be sorely missed by all.

Below is a photo of Jan, Rico and Jazz in better days. We invite all of you to leave your remembrances of Jan in our comments section. And for those of you who requested it....the information for making a donation in Jan's memory is: California Shar Pei Rescue, P.O. Box 492404, Redding, CA 96049-2404. Or for donations via PayPal: HoboCSP@hotmail.com.

United Way

Hi folks,

For United Way donations here is the info:

Homeward Bound CSP, Inc.
P.O. Box 492404
Redding, CA 96049-2404
530 549-4965

Federal Tax ID #23-2938414

Boy It's Been Busy Around Here!

I know I've been a terrible slacker about writing. For some strange reason it's been busy around this little slice of Pei heaven.

Right now, I have a special guest. Ansel.

Ansel is a wonderful success story. He came to us because someone saw him being tossed from a pickup truck into a parking lot off busy Highway 132 in Modesto, CA.

Ansel was about 5 or 6 months old, maybe 20 pounds, and almost bald from generalized demodetic mange. Add to that some unusual scars, yucky ears and an umbilical hernia. What a mess!

After a few months of care, Ansel was adopted by Lily Yue of San Francisco, CA. Lily's twin sister, Shan and her partner Anna had already adopted two dogs from us, Obie and Moi-Moi.

Ansel is very tiny but he makes up for it by being very busy and talkative. He and my mini Pei, Beijing make up the duo known as "The Two Tiny Terrors."

There is lots more to Ansel's story but I need to go spend some time with my wrinkle pups. Right now Mulan and I are trying to manage 5 male Shar Pei. It's like a wrinkly frat house around here......Booyah!

Here's Ansel!

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