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Fall Update - - Remember the Rescue in your Holiday Giving

Hello fellow Shar Pei lovers. The weather is cooling off a little bit in Redding as we get ready for fall. It's a beautiful time of year here with the fall colors coming on. Rich's back surgery went very well, and he has taken back all his duties of caring for our "kids". We did not take in any new dogs while he was recovering, but recently have taken in two-Marlow and Dorthy. You can read more about them by going to "Our Kids".

We will be taking in two more Pei this week-Bertha and Simon from a shelter in the Los Angeles area. As soon as they arrive in Redding and we get to know them a little bit, we will be adding them to "Our Kids" as well. We have a lot of wonderful Pei here who are all looking for forever homes. This is a great time of year to adopt-after summer vacations and before the holiday season begins. We will soon be at the point of not taking in new dogs until we are able to place some that we have. We only have so much space, and the kennels will soon be full again. Unfortunately, that will leave some dogs with nowhere to go.

We would like to thank all of you who have helped us in so many ways to help this rescue continue to save Shar Pei lives. We appreciate the many ways you have come through for our "kids" in terms of financial support, time spent updating webpages, and emotional support when we need it. Running a rescue means being on an emotional roller coaster that definitely has its ups and downs, but it's a worthwhile ride!

Please consider adopting and/or referring us to your friends who might be interested in having a Pei in their lives.

Anna and Rich

Greetings from Northern CA!

Greetings from Northern CA!

We hope you are all enjoying the summer season. It has brought some changes here in Redding. Rich had much needed back surgery last week so he will be recovering for the next two months. Please be patient with us in terms of replying to emails and phone messages. It has always been just the two of us here to run this rescue, but for the next couple of months we are down to one person.

We hope you will understand better any delays in communication-we will do the best we can.

Anna and Rich

National Shar-Pei Rescue Wall of Pictures and Stories - Please add your stories and pictures

Dear Shar-Pei Rescuers,

It is that time of year again to ask for stories and pictures from your adopters about the Shar-Pei they have adopted from you. Nationals will be in Chattanooga, Tennessee in September this year. I will again for the third time be doing the Wall of Rescues. It is very important to rescue that the visitors to Nationals and participants see the much needed work that the rescues are doing to save abandoned and abused Shar-Pei. I don't need to tell you how overwhelmed we all are and have been for some time. You are living it. Hopefully the "Wall "will nudge those that are attending to get information on Shar-Pei, to adopt a dog from rescue. I am usually near the "Wall" to talk to people and to tell them about how great our rescue dogs are, when they are looking at it.

I would appreciate it if you would forward this e-mail to your adopters, so they may participate if they would like to do so. I am also attaching a picture of two of the many panels I did for the 2010 Nationals in Kansas. I did balloons and sunflowers {"Wizard of Oz" connection for Kansas}.

Guidelines for adopter's stories.

Tell about your dog/dogs you adopted from a Shar-Pei rescue. {In memory of Shar-Pei and/or those you have now.} Please include your name, you may do first name only if you wish, name of your dog/dogs that you adopted from a Shar-Pei rescue, and the name of the rescue.

Please limit your words to 250 or less per dog. I know, we could all write a book about those wonderful family members!

I would appreciate 3x5 pictures to 5x7, the largest. To get them to fit the "frames" I make, those sizes are best, so I don't need to resize all the pictures. I also retype many of the stories to get them to fit also. As you will see on the panel below, I sometimes cut the dogs out and use them that way. Making the "Wall" is very time intensive, { at least for me, Lol } so please send as soon as possible. The cut-off date for receiving stories and pictures is July 14, 2012.

Address for mail:

Jane Wake GA Shar-Pei Rescue 4283 Parish Trace Marietta, GA 30066

If mailing, please include your e-mail address or phone number in case I need to get in touch with you. I will use the following e-mail address to keep them out of my daily e-mails, so I don't miss any of them.

PoundKennel2@aol.com That is Pound Kennel 2 all pushed together.

Thanks for participating,


Overwhelming Response to our little spring Rose

We want to thank everyone who expressed an interest in adopting Rose. We had quite a few qualified applicants, but in the end we decided it would be in her best interest to stay somewhat local. She did have some extensive eye surgery-the last one being just yesterday. Her new family will stay on with Dr. Larry so he can do the rechecks and will be available quickly if she needs him. She became a very special girl to us, and we know her new family already feels the same way about her.

We also want to let everyone know that we will be raising our adoption fee to $350. We have not raised the fee since we moved here 12 years ago although everything else involved in keeping this rescue going has gone up in price. We have been able to keep this rescue going until now with the old fee, but we are unable to do that any longer. We have an average of $500 invested in each Pei just in vet care, not to mention the day to day costs that we incur for their care here at the rescue. This alone will not keep this rescue going without help from all of you. We make a commitment to each dog we take into the program, and that is to make sure all their needs will be taken care of as long as they are with us. We have never compromised on that commitment, and we never will. That being said, we really need some help-no donation is too small. Our dogs need you now more than ever before. Please help our "kids".

We hope everyone is enjoying what is left of spring and that the summer will be a time of fun and relaxation.

Anna and Rich

Northern California Annual Parade of Rescued Shar-Pei on June 9th. Solano County Fairgrounds, Vallejo, CA

The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Northern California will like to celebrate our local rescued Shar-Pei by holding their annual Parade of Rescue on June 9th.

Solano County Fairgrounds 900 Fairgrounds Drive Vallejo, CA 94589

Participation is open to all rescued Shar-Pei- be it from CSPR, your local shelter, or off the street.

For the time of the parade, check this page http://www.infodog.com/clubs/2012106101.HTM around June 4th for the posting of the Judging Program. It will list the time and ring number for the Chinese Shar-Pei. The show will be held in the Expo Hall but until the Judging Program is posted, the ring number will not be known.

For more info contact the club at CSPCN@yahoo.com

So dig out your best tie-dyed shirt and 1960's attire and join us in celebrating our favorite breed.

Solano County Fairgrounds 900 Fairgrounds Drive Vallejo, CA 94589

The “Animals on Broadway” event was a big success!

The “Animals on Broadway” event was a big success! The booth was active all day, as everyone wanted to see, pet, and take pictures of our dogs; it was great to see so much interest in the breed. We even had a celebrity guest stop by, legendary baseball manager and dog lover, Tony LaRussa. We enjoyed talking to several potential adopters, and appreciate the great response to our fundraising raffle. Congratulations to Alicia L. from Livermore who won the P.F. Chang’s gift card. And special thanks to Lucy, and her Dad’s Chris and Matthew, and Diamond’s mom, Gina, for supporting our efforts by staffing the booth. We hope to see you next year!

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