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Overwhelming Response to our little spring Rose

We want to thank everyone who expressed an interest in adopting Rose. We had quite a few qualified applicants, but in the end we decided it would be in her best interest to stay somewhat local. She did have some extensive eye surgery-the last one being just yesterday. Her new family will stay on with Dr. Larry so he can do the rechecks and will be available quickly if she needs him. She became a very special girl to us, and we know her new family already feels the same way about her.

We also want to let everyone know that we will be raising our adoption fee to $350. We have not raised the fee since we moved here 12 years ago although everything else involved in keeping this rescue going has gone up in price. We have been able to keep this rescue going until now with the old fee, but we are unable to do that any longer. We have an average of $500 invested in each Pei just in vet care, not to mention the day to day costs that we incur for their care here at the rescue. This alone will not keep this rescue going without help from all of you. We make a commitment to each dog we take into the program, and that is to make sure all their needs will be taken care of as long as they are with us. We have never compromised on that commitment, and we never will. That being said, we really need some help-no donation is too small. Our dogs need you now more than ever before. Please help our "kids".

We hope everyone is enjoying what is left of spring and that the summer will be a time of fun and relaxation.

Anna and Rich

Northern California Annual Parade of Rescued Shar-Pei on June 9th. Solano County Fairgrounds, Vallejo, CA

The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Northern California will like to celebrate our local rescued Shar-Pei by holding their annual Parade of Rescue on June 9th.

Solano County Fairgrounds 900 Fairgrounds Drive Vallejo, CA 94589

Participation is open to all rescued Shar-Pei- be it from CSPR, your local shelter, or off the street.

For the time of the parade, check this page http://www.infodog.com/clubs/2012106101.HTM around June 4th for the posting of the Judging Program. It will list the time and ring number for the Chinese Shar-Pei. The show will be held in the Expo Hall but until the Judging Program is posted, the ring number will not be known.

For more info contact the club at CSPCN@yahoo.com

So dig out your best tie-dyed shirt and 1960's attire and join us in celebrating our favorite breed.

Solano County Fairgrounds 900 Fairgrounds Drive Vallejo, CA 94589

The “Animals on Broadway” event was a big success!

The “Animals on Broadway” event was a big success! The booth was active all day, as everyone wanted to see, pet, and take pictures of our dogs; it was great to see so much interest in the breed. We even had a celebrity guest stop by, legendary baseball manager and dog lover, Tony LaRussa. We enjoyed talking to several potential adopters, and appreciate the great response to our fundraising raffle. Congratulations to Alicia L. from Livermore who won the P.F. Chang’s gift card. And special thanks to Lucy, and her Dad’s Chris and Matthew, and Diamond’s mom, Gina, for supporting our efforts by staffing the booth. We hope to see you next year!

Thank You for all your donations for Lizzie

We want to thank everyone who so generously made a donation for Lizzie. She is continuing to respond to her treatments, and we hope she is ready to leave Redding for her forever home soon. Also, please accept our gratitude for all the support we have received throughout the years and continue to receive to help us care for all of our "kids".

SARD-Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration

Fortunately, this update is not to notify you of another loss of one of our four legged family members. It is, however, another type of loss. This picture is of one of our own dogs, Amy.

Last Sunday night Amy woke up in the middle of the night very confused and almost frantic running from room to room. I got her settled down, and she went back to sleep. On Monday night she woke up twice acting the same way, and in the morning it was as though she could no longer see. We took her to see Dr. Larry first thing Tuesday morning, and he confirmed she was blind. On Wednesday we took her to see a specialist in Vacaville. He told us she had SARD-Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration. He explained to us that it is possible for a dog to go to bed one night with perfect vision and wake up the next morning completely blind. I think it took two days for Amy to completely lose her vision. There is nothing we can do for her but to help her make this big adjustment. I can't imagine how confused she must be-it is heartbreaking to watch her bumping into the walls that just a week ago she could see.

In all our years of rescuing, we have not seen this happen before. We learned that it almost always happens to small to medium sized middle aged female dogs. Amy is all of those things. Although SARD does not seem to be common, we want you to be aware that it can happen. I only wish I could explain it to Amy so she wouldn't be so scared by this sudden onset of blindness.

Lizzie could use your help.

Please allow me to introduce myself-my name is Lizzie. My previous owners dumped me along with my companion, Leonard, at a stranger's house on Christmas Eve. Perhaps they thought because the people who lived in the house where we were left own a Pei, that they wouldn't notice a couple more. I guess this is one of those "good news-bad news" situations. The bad news was that the people who found us could not take care of us. The good news is that they contacted my foster parents in Redding, and they agreed to take us in. As you can see, I was not in great shape to say the least. My foster parents took me straight to the vet even before they took me home. My skin had scabs on top of scabs and was oozing from them. I got scraped and shaved and dipped, and it was determined that I have a type of mange-not contagious-and a yeast infection. This photo was taken on Feb, 1, and I have come a long way since then. Someday I will be a beautiful sable bearcoat girl, but in the meantime I will update my photo soon so you can see how pretty I am already in just a month. I have always been pretty on the inside-I love all people and other dogs. All the folks love me at Dr. Larry's office, and they know me pretty well since I have been going twice a week for my dips. Anyway, I'm still getting the medical care I need to get completely healthy and ready for my new forever home, but if you think you could be that home, I will review your application. I am going to be very careful because I never want to end up in the condition that I was in when this photo was taken. I'm a really good girl and deserve better as do all my brothers and sisters here in Redding.

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