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The Heartbreak of Santuary Dogs

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Rufus-he died here at home last night. For any of you who have visited us since 2002, you probably met Rufus, and Rich probably told you that Rufus was the only dog Rich had ever been afraid of. Rufus came to us from Las Vegas in December of 2001. He had been given as a birthday gift to a 17 year old boy who's interests quickly changed to other things-what a surprise! Rufus had to live in the backyard with very little attention and was not neutered. He became very territorial, and the owners realized their mistake but really didn't want to correct it which would mean taking some time and working with Rufus. By then he was 18 months old, and we agreed to take him.

When Rufus arrived in Redding, he was a very angry young man and wanted nothing to do with either one of us. He would stand in the back corner of his kennel and hang his head and growl. It wasn't his fault-life had not been kind to him nor had his humans who were supposed to take good care of him. It took months before he would come to the front of the kennel and even longer before Rich could put a collar and leash on Rufus. However, once Rufus turned that corner, he blossomed into the dog we knew he could be. He became part of our "posse" and was allowed to roam the property when we were outside working with our other "kids". He was fine with other dogs and even good with strangers now. Rich so enjoyed working with Rufus and bringing him around that Rufus became part of our Pei family.

For the last couple of weeks Rufus's appetite had been diminishing, and he was dropping some weight. Earlier this week he refused to take his favorite treat so we took him into Dr. Larry to determine the reason. He was diagnosed with liver cancer and given a very short time to live. He was not in any pain so we brought him back to the only place he knew as home and where he would be most comfortable. Last night he went for one more walk around the property, but Rich noticed he was laying down on one of our small bridges. Rich went to see if he was ok, and Rufus and Rich walked back towards the kennel together. Again, Rufus got tired so Rich picked him up to carry him the rest of the way. At the door to the kennel Rufus wanted to get down. It was as though he knew it would be his last walk back to his "house", and he was going to do it on his own. Even at the end Rufus lived life on his terms.

Rufus started out as such a challenge, but became such a good friend to us and brought us so much happiness. We will surely miss him. It's a sad day in Redding today...

Anna and Rich

We have a new wave of rescues - -Meet Marley!

Well as you can see, I am not in the best of shape at the moment. My name is Marley, and I came from a shelter in Selma, CA. It was a very small shelter, so they didn't have the room to hang on to me for very long especially considering my condition or should I say my conditions. I needed entropion surgery, and I am being treated for a form of mange, but I am not contagious to anyone-I suffer alone. I have had my neuter and eye surgery and been given a couple of medicated baths as well as being given a topical treatment for mange. I know I don't look like much now, and I have a long road ahead of me before I am "perfect", but my personality is already there! I am outgoing and friendly, and although most people don't want to get too close to me right now, I still want to share all my love and affection. I will be here in Redding for a few months during the continuing treatment of this awful mange, but I'm always up for a visit should you feel so inclined-I love meeting new people! I am a young boy with a long life ahead of me-this is just a bump in the road for me, and until I am "whole" again I have a place here in Redding where I know I am loved. To my foster parents I am special and deserving of the best care possible.

July 2011 - Update

Hi Folks,

Sorry it's been so long since our last update. We have had some personal matters that needed to be taken care of that put us behind. We will be adding quite a few new "kids" in the next few days. We are now at a point that we cannot take in any new dogs until we do some adoptions. The tough times are not getting better, and we are turning down dogs almost every day. There is just no more room. Rescuing can be challenging at the best of times, but it is almost an impossible "job" right now. We are still hoping things will turn around, but in the meantime trying to keep this rescue going is becoming more and more difficult for us. If you are not in a position to adopt a Pei and don't know anyone else who might be ready for a new family member, please consider making a donation of any amount. Donations are at an all time low, and we need your help.

I wish we had better news, but that is the sad reality that we are faced with.

Anna and Rich

Didi passed over today - We are all very sad

Today Didi went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. She just had given up the will to eat and to live. We will never know what happened to her in the first five years of her life, but we can only hope she knew that she was loved for the short time we had her. Every morning she was the first dog Rich would go to before starting the "rounds". He would talk to her and pet her and encourage her to try and eat something, but for whatever reason she just wanted to be left alone. She's not alone now-she is in good company and not suffering. She is free of her pain and her past. Although she was only here for a short time, we will miss her.

We wish we could save them all, but we know that is not the reality of what we do All of our kids' lives are valuable and worth whatever we can do for them to try and make them "whole" again. In Didi's case it just wasn't possible. Although we lost Didi, her vet bills of over $1,500 still must be paid so if you can help in any amount it would be much appreciated by all of us.

Anna and Rich

Spring has arrived in Redding

Shar-Pei Rescue Parade - May 20, 2011 - Vallejo, CA

Come participate in the Shar-Pei Rescue parade on May 20, 2011. The parade will spotlight the lucky Pei and the families that adopted them. The Parade will be held during the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Northern California's dog show Specialty. The show is being held at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA. Contact Deanna Liskey at cspcnc@yahoo.com if you would like to participate. Participation is free.

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