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OK, Ok, I know this is a silly picture, but for some reason you humans find humor in these sorts of things. My name is Gus, and I think I will try and get my foster parents to send a more realistic photo of me along with this one. I'm really a handsome guy, but I can be silly too. I am a cream dilute horsecoat boy with a rather complicated story which somehow includes Mexico. I'm not sure if that means I am originally from there, passed through there or was rescued from there. I do know I am no longer there! I was rescued by a group who works primarily with dogs in Mexico, but my story also includes Riverside. We are not going to go there, because I know even less about my involvement there. Anyway, this group saved me but had very little knowledge about my breed and reached out to my foster parents for help. It was agreed that I would come to Redding, but before I left my first rescuers did get me much needed eye surgery, and I want to thank them for that. When I got to Redding, my skin was looking a little "rough", but I'm looking good now! More than anything, I just want someone to pay attention to me-in my previous life I didn't get much of that. I would love for you to meet me so you can see for yourself just how good looking I am. You know, I really don't care what country, state, or county I live in as long as someone can give me the love and care I so long for and deserve. I'll be waiting to hear from you.

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Gus's Guardians Angels

Jacqueline C Hullar
Jane Bain
Jeffrey and Maryline Hee
Harold Wong
Stephen and Marlene Christie
Beth Berk
Gus we hope you find your happy ending soon. Love Roman and Newman
David Coulombe
I know all our good Shar-Pei rescue dogs in heaven would make a donation if they could. This one is for Winslow, Jodie and Summer.
Jane L. Bain

Don and Patty Christian
For Gus, may you find your forever home soon. Don, Patty, 'Ruby' & 'Chester' Rescue #577.
Kim Page
She's a beautiful girl. Here's wishing all the best or her medical needs & finding her a forever home
Marjolaine Goulet
Roja Kwon
Nancy Martinez
Elinor Fukuda
Marianne Cresci
Kelly Sheeley
Love to all from our 'Cher Bear', and us too!
Jamie Pfister

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