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Well, my name is Biggie, and I find myself in this rescue situation due to homeowner restriction problems. Since you humans are supposed to be smarter than we canines, wouldn't you think to check on restrictions BEFORE you buy a new residence? Even I can figure that out! At any rate, my previous owner did not check and therefore it was either me leaving or all of us having to find a new place. The good news is that they contacted this rescue so I was not faced with the uncertainties of ending up in a shelter, but now I'm faced with the uncertainty of where my forever home will be. I am told that I will no longer have to live in the backyard as I had to in my previous living situation. It is all I have known all my live so it might be a little bit of an adjustment for me to learn to live inside instead of outside but one I'm happy to make. I am a handsome red horsecoat, weighing in at about 50 pounds-not a ounce of fat I want you to know! Anyway, I would like to change my uncertainty to the certainty of finding a wonderful new home for the new year. Can you help me out?

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Judy R
Judy R
Lynda Lincoln
Lynda Lincoln
Donation on behalf of CSR alums Ross and Betsy who came to live with us in 2012 and send best wishes to Biggie and all CSR residents!
Judy R
Linus and Bruce
Mary Ferris
We adopted Jessie Girl from CA Sharpei Rescue in 2004 and she is such a blessing!
Marsha and Curly Hoaglan
Marsha and Curly Hoaglan In loving memory of our Hanna. Thank you for taking such good care of our Eva and the many, many other pei's that come to heal at your rescue.

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