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Hello. My name is Peaches, and I came from the San Francisco SPCA, but
that's not where my journey began. For my entire five years of life I was
kept in someone's back yard and bred continuously. When my left eye
ruptured I guess they thought I was no longer of any value to them and the
surrendered me to San Francisco Animal Control where my journey very nearly
ended. I must have had some guardian angels at the San Francisco SPCA
watching over me because they insisted that they could help me, and after
much convincing, they took me to their facility. They needed to find
someone who would commit to taking me after my medical needs had been taken
care of so they contacted my now foster parents in Redding, and my life was
about to take a new path. The nice folks at the SPCA had my eye removed and
I was spayed-they took really good care of me. Now I am here in Redding
making friends with a lot of similar looking "people". I like other dogs
and two legged people-I'm really easy to get along with. I don't ever want
to live in anyone's backyard again-I want to be part of a family who loves
me for me. I know I only have one eye, but that one eye is the window to my
kind and gentle soul. I am looking for a family that can appreciate that,
and that will open their hearts and home to me. It's a small price to pay
for a lifetime of unconditional love.

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