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Well, here I am, Ruby, without my partner, Cool Joe, who was adopted. We were separated because after my eye surgery, Joe insisted on taking my E collar off. Because of that, I had to have my eyes done a second time. Not wanting me to have to go through the surgery a third time, my foster parents separated us. We seemed to do fine as individuals so we were available independent of one another. Joe has moved on with a new family, but I still need a family of my own. Even when I was living with Joe, I was fearful of new people. That has not changed, so my new family would have to understand that it will take some time for them to earn my trust. Once we get to know and trust each other, I am the most loving girl. I will just stand next to you and let you pet and scratch me until you get tired of doing it because I won’t tire of the attention. Perhaps I crave attention due to the lack of it in my previous home, perhaps my fearfulness of new people is also due to something that happened with my previous owner. Since I can’t talk, I can’t tell you, and maybe it’s better that way. Anyway, if you are willing to invest your time and love in me, you will be rewarded many times over!

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My name is Moses, and although my story will surely have a happy ending now, had it not been for my foster parents here in Redding, the outcome would not have been good for me. In fact, I’m fairly confident that I would not be here to write my story. My foster parents were notified about me by a shelter in central CA. They were told that I looked like a purebred Shar Pei, but I really am of mixed heritage. That didn’t matter to them-they took a look at my photo and into my eyes and decided that I deserved an opportunity to live a “normal” life. You see, I had been hit by a car and just left on the road. Both my back legs were broken and needed orthopedic surgery sooner than later. My pelvis was crushed. My foster parents decided that Dr. Larry could probably put me back together and give me the best possible chance to walk again. So, today, a month after both legs received the necessary surgeries, I am happy to say I’m on the road to recovery. I’m having a hard time staying put, and I need two months of “down” time following the surgeries to heal properly. I am halfway there. My foster parents are taking real good care of me, and I am so grateful to have been given this second chance.

I am only about a year old and am looking forward to a long and happy life. It will still be quite a while before I am up to running and playing again, but that time will come. I will be available to go to my new home in about a month with few restrictions in terms of my care. I am such a happy boy and eager to please. I won’t ask for much-just keep me safe and love me the way I want to love you-unconditionally. Please help me write the “happy ending” chapter of my life by letting me be part of your life and making great memories and sharing many wonderful adventures together.

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Meet Brillo. He’s a flowered horsecoat. He gets along with other dogs and is very outgoing.

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Ridley is a beautiful fawn brushcoat. He knows some commands and gets along with both two and four legged friends.

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So this is Wyatt. Right eye was removed and he had entropion on the other. Here is his bio…

Well, as you can see, I have had a rough go of it for the last couple of weeks. My name is Wyatt, and I am from the Stockton animal shelter where I came in as a stray with no one looking for me. Maybe my previous owners did not want to pay for the veterinary care that was needed to fix my eyes. Unfortunately, I had a prolapsed iris in my right eye which was causing me pain, and it needed to be removed. My left eye needed entropion surgery. The shelter staff saw something special in me and reached out to my now foster parents, and although I’m not pure Shar Pei, they accepted me into their program. I am very happy to be here receiving the TLC I need to recover from my multiple surgeries.

I am only about two years old and get along with just about everyone. I weigh about 50 pounds and I am very affectionate. I like to give lots of kisses, and I can’t wait until I get rid of this cone so I can start giving “real” kisses. What I lack in pure Shar Peiness, I make up for in pure sweetness. I am so happy to have been given this second chance at life, and I would so much like to share my joy. Since my surgeries I am as good as new, and I’m hoping for a new life with a new family that will love me and care for me “till death do us part”. I will return the favor and make you glad every day that you picked me to become part of your family.

I will post more pictures when they remove this darn cone!

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