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Hello. My name is Peaches, and I came from the San Francisco SPCA, but
that's not where my journey began. For my entire five years of life I was
kept in someone's back yard and bred continuously. When my left eye
ruptured I guess they thought I was no longer of any value to them and the
surrendered me to San Francisco Animal Control where my journey very nearly
ended. I must have had some guardian angels at the San Francisco SPCA
watching over me because they insisted that they could help me, and after
much convincing, they took me to their facility. They needed to find
someone who would commit to taking me after my medical needs had been taken
care of so they contacted my now foster parents in Redding, and my life was
about to take a new path. The nice folks at the SPCA had my eye removed and
I was spayed-they took really good care of me. Now I am here in Redding
making friends with a lot of similar looking "people". I like other dogs
and two legged people-I'm really easy to get along with. I don't ever want
to live in anyone's backyard again-I want to be part of a family who loves
me for me. I know I only have one eye, but that one eye is the window to my
kind and gentle soul. I am looking for a family that can appreciate that,
and that will open their hearts and home to me. It's a small price to pay
for a lifetime of unconditional love.

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Peaches's Guardians Angels

Yael Lebeau
Monthly support - Thank You
Jillian Ceedhumrug
Jamie Pfister
Jillian Ceedhumrug
David Coulombe
Tanya Litvinchuk
Sandie Silveria
Tanya Litvinchuk
Elizabeth Chevalier
Jamie Pfister
Tanya Litvinchuk
Anna Kahn


Hello, my name is Wally, and I am a new arrival in Redding. My foster mom was notified about me by the shelter in AZ where I came from. I had very limited time before I was going to be euthanized, and it seemed no one else had any interest in saving my live. My foster parents committed to taking me into the rescue, but not before they had eye surgery done for me in AZ. The surgery went well, but my eyes were already permanently damaged. I have no vision in one eye, and it is limited in the other, but I get around just fine. My limited vision does not stop me from being a sweet and happy boy. None of us are perfect, and it is our imperfections that make us who we are. I hope there is someone out there reading this who will consider me as a new addition to their family.

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Wally's Guardians Angels

Yael Lebeau
Monthly support - Thank You
Jamie Pfister
Damian Gonzalez
Jamie Pfister


I am one of the newest residents here in Redding. My name is Sparky, and I am from a high kill shelter in Southern CA. My story is similar to the rest of my brothers and sisters with just a slight variation. I was originally adopted from a shelter in Southern CA and ended up back at the shelter. I was adopted again, and this time ended up at a different shelter than where I was originally from. Now here's where the story is the same as just about everyone else here. Even though I am microchipped, my owner didn't want me back-really, no one else wanted me either so that is how I ended up in Redding. These people do want me and are taking really good care of me-it's nice to feel wanted. I know my eye looks like it needs attention in this photo, but I think that is just the photographer-my eyes are actually pretty good. I am a cream horsecoat male on the small side. I can get along with another dog with the proper introduction. I'm not sure why I'm a "two striker", but I sure don't want to go for three. Please, no more shelters for me. Only take me home if you are sure you are ready to make a lifetime commitment to me because I am worth that.

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Sparky's Guardians Angels

Anthony Infante
Jennifer Funk
Luke Matthew Hones
Hannah Reisman
Alexis Neal
HorseSmart International
Jere Hughes
Beth Berk


Hello all you Pei lovers out there. I am Victor and come from a high kill shelter in Moreno Valley. I'm just another with the same old story-I used to have an owner, but they didn't think enough of me to come looking when I went missing. Maybe they still haven't realized I'm gone. You know most of us get more attention here than wherever it is we came from. At least our foster parents have made a lifelong commitment to us. Sure, they want us all to have "forever" homes, but if not with one of you, then they will consider us as one of their own and always take care of us. If you are looking to adopt, then please understand it is to be a lifelong commitment on your part too-we deserve that since we have already been abandoned once. I am speaking for all of us here at the rescue waiting for our special families to find us and love us. Now, as for me, I need an experienced Pei owner since I am going to test you to see how much I can get away with. You need to be smarter than I am, and I'm pretty darn smart. If you think you want to match wits with me, fill out the application, and I will give you a run for your money!

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Victor's Guardians Angels

MiLi (Millie) Hsing Reynolds
Maji Wang
Emory Griffin and Sophie
for Sophie
Louis Sheward
Caroline Strongman
Glenn Visgitus, and Jackie Chan
Karen and James Wallace
Charles and Lois Mitchell
John and Esther Lee
Eoin and Nicole Middaugh
In memory of our sweet, sweet Chanay. We miss her dearly. We hope this gift can better the lives of the pups so that they can move on and have a wonderful life that she did after we rescued her.
Debbie Farrell
Jody Anselmo
In memory of our beloved Shorty.
Vicki Nygren
Carol and Bob Carroll
Merry Christmas! Sent in lovong memory of Teddy - she was quite a girl, and she is missed so very much.

Don, Patty, Ruby and Chester Christian

Paul Klingenberg
Vicki Nygren
In loving memory of our pei Buddy. Victor's temperament reminds us of Buddy. We miss him so much.
Christine Perico-Cutts
In memory of our Handsome Boy "WRINKLES", a gift from GOD. He gave me a lot of love and joy.
Joe Szeles
In memory of Mooshu Bear, who left me too soon.

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